What is MSME Clinic?

MSME Clinic, an initiative by Pradeep Peshkar, is a unique concept aimed at providing handholding support to all MSMEs in resolving their day-to-day or incidental hurdles in the ease of doing business. It serves as a platform where subscribers can register their doubts, problems, or grievances related to government authorities and book appointments with subject experts. The UMS administration team facilitates virtual meetings with the relevant experts or government authorities as appropriate. Subscribers receive advice and suggestions to effectively handle their situations. The MSME Clinic not only addresses specific problems but also provides guidance for business growth and development.

Types of Enterprises

  • Manufacturing enterprises: These are businesses engaged in the manufacturing or production of goods in any sector.
  • Service enterprises : These are businesses involved in providing or rendering services.

Features of MSME Clinic

  • Enhanced Market Access: MSME Clinics offer valuable assistance to businesses in improving their access to both domestic and export markets.