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Welcome to Udyog Mitra Sanstha, a trusted and reliable handholding partner dedicated to empowering Indian entrepreneurs and businesses on their journey to becoming world-class. With the rapid expansion of Indian industries and their growing influence on the global stage, it is essential for every entrepreneur to think and act with the goal of achieving excellence.

We understand that becoming world-class involves a circular journey of continuous improvement, which encompasses various aspects such as technology updates, knowledge enhancement, expansion plans, government schemes, trainings, solutions for bottlenecks, and more. At Udyog Mitra Sanstha, we cater to these diverse needs of businesses and provide comprehensive guidance at every step.

Vision - Mission

Our Vision

Our vision at Udyog Mitra Sanstha is to empower and strengthen Indian Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), enabling them to become competitive players in the global market. We strive to create an environment where MSMEs thrive, excel, and contribute significantly to the economic growth and prosperity of our nation.

Our Mission

Our mission is twofold. Firstly, we are dedicated to increasing the contribution of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to the Indian GDP. By providing the necessary support, resources, and guidance, we aim to help MSMEs unlock their full potential, drive innovation, and foster sustainable growth.

Aim Of Udyogmitra Online

The aim of Udyog Mitra Online is to provide a comprehensive platform for the development of entrepreneurs from every sector, facilitating the transformation of their ideas and thoughts into successful businesses. We understand that entrepreneurs need a sensible platform that possesses the strength to support their journey, from the initial idea stage to scaling up an existing business.

Our platform is designed to empower entrepreneurs by equipping them with the knowledge and insights needed to identify opportunities and execute effective economic strategies for their businesses. We recognize that at every stage of business, a systematic approach, innovation, and guidance are essential for sustainable growth and success.

Udyog Mitra Sanstha serves as the perfect platform that fulfills all these requirements, offering entrepreneurs the resources, tools, and guidance necessary to navigate the complex business landscape. By leveraging our platform, entrepreneurs can gain new dimensions and perspectives that can elevate their businesses to new heights.

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur with a visionary idea or an established business owner seeking growth and expansion, Udyog Mitra Online is your go-to platform for unlocking your business's true potential.